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Blues Licks, Lesson 4

The ‘Clapton’ Lick

This free guitar lesson video includes:

  • The blues scale
  • The minor pentatonic scale
  • Added chromatic notes
  • Quarter tone string bends/blues bends
  • Where and how to use this great sounding blues lick
  • A free blues backing track download
  • A free guitar TAB download

The chords are:

E7 |E7 |E7 |E7 |
|A7 |A7 |E7 |E7 |
|B7 |A7 |E7 |B7 |

To download the guitar TAB for Blues Licks, Lesson 4:

  • Mac/PC: right click on the image and ‘save link as’ not ‘save image as’!
  • iPad/iPhone: click on the image to go to the full quality PDF. Click on the PDF image and then ‘open in’ your favourite app (like iBooks).

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