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Testimonials & Lesson Reviews

Ukulele, music theory and guitar lesson reviews

On this page you will find lots of testimonials and reviews regarding my lessons. You can also check out my recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn and my Google reviews.

  • “After a five-year absence from playing, I decided to have lessons to give me an incentive to practice and speed up the learning process. Cliff quickly identified my bad habits and within weeks had me playing cleaner guitar than ever. He teaches with ease across all styles – rock, classical, etc, and brings the right mix of theory and fun to the lesson. Name a song, and within minutes Cliff can start teaching you how to play it – all in the comfort of his cool studio. I’m happy to recommend Cliff Smith as a guitar teacher. Well worth the money.”

    Bede McCarthyLondon
  • “What’s really good about learning with Cliff is he doesn’t just show and help you to play better – he explains the WHY of things as well.”

    Mike MisterLondon
  • “A proficient musician with an amenable persona who offers really simple, structured and informative lessons who catalogues exactly what has been taught and where the student needs to focus on, which is why I am happy to use Cliff as my teacher.”

    Jamie HoggLondon
  • “Cliff’s guitar lessons offer you patient and concise guitar methodology… my guitar playing has improved 200% in the 6 months I have been studying with him… I highly recommend them.”

    Dave ElkanLondon
  • “Cliff is professional, attentive and patient. I am quite busy and I need straightforward and effective advice, and Cliff gives all that.”

    Martha VasquezLondon
  • “A fantastic combination of fun and structured learning in a relaxed atmosphere, who’d have thought I’d be emulating Slash in 6 months?”

    Simon CampbellLondon
  • “I went to Cliff to bolster my playing after a year in an acoustic guitar class. He noticed things that I was getting away with in a large class. He’s very encouraging, well organised, patient, and a thoroughly professional teacher.”

    Clare RoskillLondon
  • “Cliff is an extremely talented guitarist and teacher – he’s encouraging, enthusiastic and most importantly patient. Before I started lessons with Cliff I had been trying to learn the guitar for years and had made very little progress. I’m pleased to say that after 6 months of lessons, the guitar is no longer the mystery it once was, and now its all starting to make sense!”

    Nick BreezeLondon
  • “After having lessons with a few different guitar tutors I have decided that I would very much like to continue my lessons with you.”

    Javier RomartinezLondon

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