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Testimonials & Lesson Reviews

Ukulele, music theory and guitar lesson reviews

On this page you will find lots of testimonials and reviews regarding my lessons. You can also check out my recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn and my Google reviews.

  • “Cliff will give you the instruction, tips and insight you cannot get from watching lessons on the internet or reading books. I was a 34 year old beginner with limited practice time, and Cliff was always very patient going over basic guitar concepts and chords, while still pushing my playing forward.  I actually cannot imagine a better guitar instructor for any level of student.”

    Brian ConnollyChicago, USA
  • “Cliff has given me a lot of confidence in my ability in a very short space of time.  His knowledge of music seems to be second to none, and he delivers his lessons in ways that beginners like myself can understand.  Cliff’s teaching style caters for all types of learners, he is patient and will make sure you make progress whilst learning at your own pace.  I tried a few different teachers before Cliff, but didn’t make real progress with any of them. Cliff’s lessons are fun, and you learn the songs you want to learn. He’s enthusiastic, approachable, and fills you with confidence. I’m a teacher myself and I haven’t seen any better than Cliff.”

    Rob DixonLondon
  • “I sought out a Guitar Teacher when I realised that trying to learn from books and the internet just didn’t give me enough feedback to improve and actually enjoy playing. Cliff has (patiently) provided me with a really good platform to enjoy the Acoustic And Electric guitar whilst teaching enough theory to keep progressing without getting bogged down. His extensive knowledge of all things guitar is invaluable, whether it be Learning Songs, Scales, New Techniques, Practice Routines, talking about music or just taking away the mysteries of buying and maintaining equipment (guitar shops can be intimidating places), Cliff is always on the money.”

    Graham EvansLondon

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