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Testimonials & Lesson Reviews

Ukulele, music theory and guitar lesson reviews

On this page you will find lots of testimonials and reviews regarding my lessons. You can also check out my recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn and my Google reviews.

  • “It is with much sadness that we say farewell to Mr Cliff Smith. Cliff joined the instrumental music team in the summer of 2003 and has given outstanding service to the music school during his time with us. Having started with just 3 pupils he has built up the guitar faculty to an enthusiastic and talented group of 25 pupils with a waiting list of eager recruits. I have no doubt that all his pupils will wish to join me in thanking him for his inspirational teaching and wish him well for the future.”

    Tim TurnerDirector of Music, Orley Farm School, Harrow
  • “Cliff is a great instructor because he understands exactly where your weaknesses are and focuses on how to improve them. He gives you very personalized instruction rather than a one size fits all approach. Through his informal yet structured lessons I have improved far quicker than I have using other approaches. Most importantly, he teaches you the songs that you want to learn.”

    Matt HaydockLondon
  • “Cool Guy, loads of patience (which is much needed with me) and will focus on what you wanna learn (Blues for me) at a pace that you are comfortable with.  Breaks down the theory stuff so that it make sense too!”

    Dave CoxLondon
  • “Cliff is very patient with me and willing to explore the best way of teaching me. Very tolerant, giving me the freedom to enjoy my instrument.”

    Claudia MarkovicLondon
  • “Cliff is a great teacher.  He is challenging and stretching, so he doesn’t mess around in getting you to work hard and take steps forward as far as you can at each lesson.  He  listens to what music you are into and chooses pieces carefully to match your level and taste.  He is also an extremely nice guy.  Calm and patient.  If I had been him I would have broken a guitar over my head by the end of my first lesson!”

    Mark HillLondon
  • “I wanted to take a moment to offer my heartfelt thanks for all the work you have put in at Shrewsbury House. The boys have flourished under your care… …really going that extra mile because you inspired them to want to do so. The guitar groups have been most impressive with even the headmaster being won over the argument that there was quality and musicianship to be found even if the music wasn’t to his taste. The warmth of response from various audiences should have left you in no doubt that others needed no such persuasion. You leave the school with the quality of guitar playing greatly enriched by your being here. I thank you for that and for the fun it was to have you around.”

    Peter MorrisDirector of Music at Shrewsbury House Preparatory School, Surbiton
  • “I’ve been learning with Cliff for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made. Cliff is a very talented guitarist/ musician and an excellent teacher, continually providing lessons and pieces which are of interest to me, pushing me to the right limits and very patient! Couldn’t ask for more in an instructor, I always look forward to Monday nights.”

    Richard SantosoEdinburgh
  • “Relaxed but professional, Cliff’s enthusiasm for the guitar and music in general is evident in each and every lesson. Cliff’s lessons are challenging at the appropriate level, push me in the direction I want to go at the pace that’s right for me, and delivered with a patient and attentive approach.”

    Zac TulletBradford on Avon
  • “I live in New York City where you’d think it would be easy to find a good guitar teacher. For me it hasn’t been. I did try out a handful of teachers who are very nice guys but they wound up using much of the hour talking about things that had absolutely nothing to do, really, with my learning the guitar.  Going off on incomprehensible tangents about music theory at levels that are way beyond me (at present) or else anecdotes about life in general as a musician.

    I decided to stop traipsing around and use some of the technology that lets the world come to you, and I saw Cliff’s webpage very soon. I got the vibe that he was no-nonsense, and focused, and patient. He is. There is a rubber-meets-the-road quality to learning something — anything — and Cliff is supplying me with exactly that. Step by step, brick by brick, the only way to learn something.”

    Joe MarcuseNew York, USA

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