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Guitar lessons for kids

Guitar lessons for kids
Guitar lessons for kids

Online lessons via Zoom

Guitar lessons for kids are fun and they pick things up so quickly! I have a wealth of experience teaching children and have taught at some of England’s top prep schools: Shrewsbury House, Orley Farm, Milbourne Lodge, Hornsby House and Prospect House.

I stopped teaching in schools a few years back as all the traveling got too much for me and I wanted to spend more time working on my private teaching and other projects.

I currently teach children ages 7+ online, via Zoom. Lessons are 30 minutes long for younger children and 60 minutes long for the older or more advanced. Parents will ideally sit in on the lessons.

Why Sit In On My Child’s Lesson?

I believe that guitar lessons for kids should be a three way process. By sitting in on the lesson you will see your child’s strengths and weaknesses and know what they should be practicing.

This will make a huge difference to how you can help them at home. Many parents bring a small notebook and keep notes. You will get much more value from the lessons if you get involved.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Pupils will need their own guitar, tuner, book , footstool and music stand to use at home. When they come for their lessons, pupils just need to bring their guitar and books as I have everything else you need here.

Please contact me and I will advise you on exactly what you need. You may need a half size, three quarter size or full size guitar. Which books you need will also depend on the age and ability of your child.

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