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Joe Marcuse

Joe Marcuse

“I live in New York City where you’d think it would be easy to find a good guitar teacher. For me it hasn’t been. I did try out a handful of teachers who are very nice guys but they wound up using much of the hour talking about things that had absolutely nothing to do, really, with my learning the guitar.  Going off on incomprehensible tangents about music theory at levels that are way beyond me (at present) or else anecdotes about life in general as a musician.

I decided to stop traipsing around and use some of the technology that lets the world come to you, and I saw Cliff’s webpage very soon. I got the vibe that he was no-nonsense, and focused, and patient. He is. There is a rubber-meets-the-road quality to learning something — anything — and Cliff is supplying me with exactly that. Step by step, brick by brick, the only way to learn something.”

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